3 day weekends

I cannot do any work because I’m too excited about the possibility of moving out. Last night my potential roommate and I saw an amazing, renovated, beautiful apartment, with a dishwasher (!) in one of my favorite areas of Brooklyn. Problem was it was 3 bedrooms (with 2 bathrooms) so we have been asking everyone we know if they or their friends want to move in. Because with 3 people, the rent per person would be comfortable below our original budget.

I actually have exciting plans for my 3 day weekend and what to share them with you. Because most of the time my own plan for the weekend is sleep

  • Tonight – dinner with my friends from high school who are meeting Manny for the first time, which is a pretty big deal since they have been waiting to meet him for 5 years
  • Saturday – maybe working some overtime hours to help finance possible upcoming move, then maybe seeing some more apartments then maybe seeing my long lost friend Ada
  • Sunday – attending this panel discussion “Embracing the Radical King” hosted by NPR on MLK, Jr at the Brooklyn Museum

I’m almost finished Breaking Out of Beginner Spanish and it’s definitely one of the most interesting Spanish books I’ve ever read. Even though I’m still a beginner and do not not need to be breaking out anytime soon, still a very useful read and I’ll probably read it again once I’m ready to break out of the beginner stage. This book is actually laugh-out-loud funny. I cannot stop myself from laughing sometimes on the train, and people look over to see what book I’m book I’m reading. They always give me raised-eyebrow strange look when they see it’s just a Spanish book. More thoughts on it later.

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