Things That Make Me Happy

Lately I’ve been stressed and worried about everything, for no apparent reason.  Here are things I’m focusing on that make me happy:

  1. The 3rd season of Weeds is coming out on June 3rd.  Best show in the history of TV.  I have been waiting for what seems like years to finally see the 3rd season.
  2. The World Science Festival is this weekend.  I won’t be able to attend any of the presentations, but it makes me happy knowing that it is happening.  If I could, I would attend “Future Cities: Sustainable Solutions, Radical Designs“, “What it Means to Be Human“, “Faith & Science” and “The Sixth Extinction
  3. Listening to a wonderful conversation called “How America Can Take the Lead in Science and Technology” on WNYC yesterday morning
  4.  My BFF lets Manny and I sleep over her place whenever we want, no questions asked
  5. Seeing my ex-coworker and fellow science geek friend this weekend before she leaves me for grad school in Michigan
  6. The South by Southwest music player, perfect for doing mindless data entry at work(Click on “SXSW Player” on the lower left corner for listening enjoyment)

Oh yeah, this is a book blog.  I Finished A Gift from the Sea last week.  It was actually a really thoughtful, well written book.  Nothing too life changing, but it probably was really radical when it was first published in 1955.  The book was basically about how women need to balance out their lives and the needs of people who depend on them by finding solitude – time for themselves.  I can relate because I start to loose my mind a little if I don’t have some alone time.  A nice, peaceful, meditative read. 

Then I finished Saving the World, my first Julia Alvarez book.  It was just OK.  I think the main reason I finished it was because I was at my uncle’s house in the mountains with nothing else to do.  But that’s for another blog post, because this one is about happy things.

2 Responses to “Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. Leslie Says:

    I love Weeds. We’re watching Season 2 right now. Yeah, we’re behind.

    A Julia Alvarez book that’s just okay, huh? Well, normally she produces some good stuff.

  2. Peanut Says:

    I’ve also heard good things about Julia Alvarez, I was surprised I didn’t enjoy the book. But I still want to read How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents.

    Enjoy finishing season 2! There’s a great cliffhanger ending, that’s all I’m saying 🙂

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