Show and Tell

I present to you a show and tell of the week’s events, in pictures. 

So a few days ago I went over to my local library and got one of these:

 then I got these:

 Yeah that’s right.  Two big, fat, new, HARDCOVER NOVELS for me to enjoy.  After weeks of reading 99 cent Strand paperback specials and books swiped from friends and family, I finally have a permanent address which means I am finally a card carrying member of the Brooklyn Public Library.  Sweet.

Also?  Two weeks ago I adopted this kitty:

And I named him Oliver after Oliver Twist, because he’s an orphan boy with no mommy who was found alone and starving, along with his brother and sister in the parking lot of a New Jersey sex offender rehab prison where my friend works as an inmate counselor.  But one trip to the ER and 4 new asthma prescriptions later, we’ve come to the conclusion that he makes Manny really sick, so now we have to find him a new home.  We are really sad about this situation, but Oliver remains oblivious and is content to sleep in a shoebox surrounded by all of his toys:

And occasionally taking a swipe at the camera from his toy-filled shoebox lair:

2 Responses to “Show and Tell”

  1. Leslie Says:

    What a sweet kitty! So sad that you can’t keep him. 🙂

    Having a library card is a wonderful thing. Don’t forget to check out the music section. It may have some awesome stuff to offer.

  2. Leslie Says:

    The happy face in my above comment was supposed to be a sad face.

    Let’s try this again:

    So sad that you can’t keep him. 😦

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