The Abstinence Teacher

The Abstinence Teacher was disappointing, which sucks because I was really looking forward to this book.  It has all the workings of a great book – a single mom who teaches pro-birth control high school sex ed, and a cute ex-druggie, ex-rockstar born again Christian dude meet on an a suburban soccer field and its lust at first sight.  It could have been so good!  I really enjoyed Perrotta’s other novels, Joe College, Election, and Little ChildrenI love how he builds subtle tensions between his characters and introduces atypical situations in his novels, which are usually about typical, normal, everyday people who live in the burbs.  But nothing really happens in this book.  The sex ed teacher, Ruth, meets Tim, the ex-druggie born again and that’s it.  Instead of moving forward, the rest of the book consists of flashbacks about their pasts and how they got to where they are when we first meet them.  Then it ends.  Bummer. 


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    […] with Tom Perrotta’s first novel, The Wishbones. I love Tom Perrotta.  Although I think he missed the mark with The Abstinence Teacher, his earlier novels Joe College, Election and Little Children are […]

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