Show and Tell

Enjoy some random photos while I procrastinate at work.  Please forgive my lack of photography skills.  I don’t know squat about photography but that doesn’t seem to stop me from taking pictures anyway.

Back in September I did the Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk with my co-worker.  I walked, of course. (Why run when you can walk? is what I say).  The cool thing about this run, besides it being for a good cause, is you get to go through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel




When we were kids, my sister and I used to tell our little brother that the boogie man lived in these ventilation cracks that line in the inside of the tunnel.  He believed us and cried and begged my dad to take the bridge instead of the tunnel every time we drove into Brooklyn.  Here’s a boogie man crack:


In the North Woods of Central Park:


Here is Leo, my gown-up puppy playing with my cousin’s new puppy, Abbie:


Here is my former kitty, Oliver, hanging out with his new BFF, Hallie.  Oliver is the orange one. I miss that little fur ball:



2 Responses to “Show and Tell”

  1. Rob Lenihan Says:

    Great photos. I wish I had known about the tunnel run. I ran over the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge years ago and it was a blast.

    But shame on you for scaring your little brother like that! I’m assuming he’s over that whole boogie man thing.

  2. Peanut Says:

    Yes, my brother is over the boogie man thing. As he got older, he practiced his ninja turtles and power ranger karake kicks on my sister and I. Which was appropriate pay back for all the teasing we did to him.

    I biked over the Verranzo once and it felt like that bridge would never end.

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