Inauguration Reads


Good thing I wrote on and on about how much I love the cold weather, because I spent this past weekend freezing my ass off.  But its okay, because I freezing my ass off in DC, watching Obama become the president.   Here is a blurry photo of my inauguration ticket and my Obama Metrocard for the DC subway:


When I got back to work on Wednesday morning, everyone kept asking me how it was.  I said it was amazing, it was great, it was crazy, it was cold, it was crowded, it was fun.  What can you say?  It was all those things and more.  

About a year and half ago, my dad retired from the fire department in New York City and moved to Arlington Virginia to take a new job in Washington DC.  It was kind of a big deal, considering that no one in my family has ever moved away from New York (except for one aunt out in Jersey), it was hard having my dad so far away.  Now my sister is married, I moved out, my dad lives in Virginia, and my brother goes to college in Boston. Besides holidays, its rare that the five of us spend time together.

But early Saturday morning, my mom, sister, brother in law, along with my dog, stopped in Brooklyn to pick me up and together we drove down to DC.  My brother flew in from Boston that night, and together we stayed at my dad’s apartment for weekend to see this together:




For four days we argued about whose turn it was to take the dog out, we fought over the bathroom, we made fun of each other, we joked about high school, we recited our favorite lines from Seinfeld, yelled at each other about changing the radio station in the car, basically drove each other crazy, and watched the first African-American president get sworn in on the capitol steps.  The whole weekend was a whirlwind but what mostly stands out in my mind is how happy I was to be with my family in that moment.  And the crowds of happy people.  I’ve never seen so many happy people before in my life.  Whenever the crowd got tense and I thought there might be a stampede someone would start a chant: “O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!” and the tension was gone.  Watching the ceremony was unreal.  It didn’t really hit me until we were in the car driving home on Tuesday evening.  We were listening to radio coverage of the parade, and then I realized the significance of the evident I just witnessed. President Obama.  Dude!  How awesome is that?  

But now, what to do with all of our “Bush sucks” paraphernalia?  Such as my dad’s Bush toilet paper, each sheet features an infamous quote from our former president (anyone remember “They misunderestimate me?”)  Ugh! Time to flush you down the toilet, W.  I never want to see your smug monkey face again. 



Now, my inauguration reads.  I always get a ton of reading done when I’m with my family,  because they like to watch a lot of reality TV and football and I really hate reality TV and football.  Whenever I spend time with them I bring my books, my companions, to keep me company.  They turn on the TV, I curl up in the corner of the sofa with my books and read.  I usually like reading some light, entertaining fiction so this weekend I read The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank.  I know a lot of people love this book, but I just thought it was okay.  It was more a like a collection of short stories that tell the coming of age story of Jane, the main character.  Some stories worked, others felt completely out of place.  The story about Jane’s dad completely blew me away it was amazing.  Then I read Towelhead by Alicia Erian.  It is the coming of age story of Jasira, a 13-year old girl who is half Irish, half Lebanese.  Her parents are clueless and seem to have given up on raising her, so she forms an unhealthy relationship with her adult neighbor.  Its a sad book, a graphic book about adolescence, abuse and bigotry, but somehow still managed to be a beautiful story.  A very quick read.  


If I can figure out how to post videos on WordPress, I will post a video I took of my family dancing to Garth Brooks during the Obama concert on Sunday.  It is priceless.

Dude, President Obama!

One Response to “Inauguration Reads”

  1. Leslie Says:

    It’s so cool that you were able to be there to see Obama get sworn in to office! What a surreal, but amazing, experience.

    I tried to read Girl’s Guide but I just couldn’t get into it.

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