No Love For The Wintery Mix

Oh how I hate you, wintery mix.   You make it snow, then sleet, then freezing rain (what’s the difference?) then rain and make everything gross.  This morning I navigated around giant puddles (more like small lakes) of muddy slush and ice coated sidewalks.  What I wouldn’t give for a snow day right now, to be home, eating the delicious chicken and dumpling soup I made last night, and curling up with The Savage Detectives.  I am right in the middle of this novel; actually this book is less like a plot driven story and more like a meandering collection of journal entries about the state of Mexican poetry, of which I know absolutely nothing about but somehow the book is still interesting and I cannot stop reading.

One of my favorite authors and the only fantasy/sci-fi writer I enjoy, Neil Gaiman, has won the Newbury Medal for his children’s book The Graveyard Book.  Yay!  The film adaption of his book, Coraline comes out soon as well.  If you haven’t read any of his books, what are you waiting for?  Winter is the perfect time to lose yourself in fantasy novels.

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