Central Park in the Dark

I’ve been seeing these black ants in my bathroom for the past few weeks and couldn’t understand why they were hanging out in there and not my kitchen where the food is.  Two days ago I was told by a more outdoorsy / non-city dweller friend that they were carpenter ants making themselves at home inside the walls of my old apartment building.  Nice.  Now that the weather is getting warmer I am seeing them more often and I kill more and more them everyday.  Last night I saw one on my toothbrush (gross) on my bar of soap (weird) and on my bath towel.  As I was washing my face I saw one on my hand and flipped out.  It was getting out of control, ants were taking over my bathroom.  I don’t mind killing a few bugs, but lots of bugs – infestations- gives me the creeps.  Last night I had a dream that a robber was trying to climb in through my window, obviously this is a manifestation of my fear that ants are taking over my apartment.  Times like these make me wish I didn’t live alone.  This morning I washed the tub and the tile floors with bleach and practically fumigated the bathroom with Raid.  We’ll see if this gets rid of them once and for all.

Its weird this is happening now, I just finished reading Central Park In the Dark, written by Marie Winn who wrote the hawk book, Red Tails in Love.  This time Marie Winn and her group of bird watchers explore the park in the dark observing owls, moths, and sleeping birds.  I feel like the most hypocritical of nature lovers.  I love nature just not when its in my house.  I love all creatures and critters but will poison them if they come into my space and I do not feel guilty about it.  When I was kid my bedroom was in the attic, which was filled with all sorts of weird bugs and creepy crawly things.  I felt bad about killing them so I made a deal with the bugs.  I told them if I saw them then I’d have to kill them.  They could come into my room whenever they wanted, but they shouldn’t let me see them.  So when I saw a bug and killed it, it wasn’t my fault.  We had a deal.

Many people think there is no nature in the city.  Don’t listen to them, they are really misinformed.  There is so much nature here.  Observing nature in the city has a clear advantage over observing nature in the woods in the middle of nowhere.  Winn and her group were able to follow hawks at night and observe their sleeping habits.  They recorded the times they fell asleep and when they woke up.  They knew where they slept, how they slept.  Same with owls.  This is something that has never been observed in the wild before.  Locating and following a hawk or an owl is a lot easier in Central Park than it is somewhere in the woods; in the park there’s only so many places a hawk can go.  

I’ve red reports that a red tailed hawk has moved into Owl’s Head Park. I’m going to go check it out while the poisons in my bathroom (hopefully) work to kill off the ants.

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