The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle


My mom recommended this book to me so I picked it up from the library not knowing much about it, but apparently it caused quite a stir among Oprah’s book club fans when it was chosen.  There are 1,167 opinions of this book on Amazon, but here’s mine: I loved it.  It is a modern retelling of Hamlet but with dogs.  A very engrossing story.  I started reading this book on the train going to Queens to visit a friend one Sunday, and its like, a two hour subway ride each way, and I read half of this book in that one day.  This book made the 4 hour subway ride, I daresay, almost tolerable.  I lost many hours of sleep reading this book late into the night.  But it has one of those controversial endings, one that you will either love and it will make the story – or that you will hate and it will ruin the story.  Despite the ending, to me this was worth the read.  One of the best novels I’ve read in a long time.  

I found out on Friday that I was accepted into the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health graduate program.  Its kind of a big deal because its one of the top 5 schools for public health in the country.  I applied to the school almost on a whim.  Kind of like “what the hell I probably won’t get in anyway” type of thing.  But then I got in and now I sort of want to go but don’t know if I want to go at the same time.  I’m still waiting to hear back from one more grad school in the city.  Then I’ll have to make the lovely decision between leaving my boyfriend, friends, family, job, apartment, neighborhood, everything in my life to go away to school or not.   But right now I’m just going to finish off the rest of my Easter candy and watch the Golden Girls.

One Response to “The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Congratulations! That is awesome news. Scary and overwhelming, I bet, but awesome as well. 🙂

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