Summer Reading

Eep!  It’s been nearly one month since I’ve updated and I have absolutely no excuse for it.  I don’t have a job, or school or household chores to do, I have nothing to do.  For the past three weeks I have been staying at my mom’s house the suburbs until I leave for school.  Which is NEXT WEEK!  Holy Shit.  I leave next Thursday, one week from today.  

Can I tell you how much I absolutely love not having to work?  Because I do.  Except for the whole not getting paid thing.  That part sucks.  I have been agonizing over every penny I spend because now I don’t have a pay check coming my way every two weeks.  So that has kept me away from Borders and Barnes and Noble.  My local library here is tiny and lacking in selection, so I don’t go there that much.  So I have been forced to pick my titles from my mom’s bookshelves, which are a little more mainstream that I normally like to read, but, what can you do?  Of the many things I have enjoyed these past 3 weeks; which include trips to beach on Long Island, trips upstate with the family to my uncle’s house by the lake, hanging with my adorable baby cousins, eating lots of ice cream, cruising through Brooklyn with Manny, going to both a Yankees game and a Mets game, and spending time with my closest friend Jenn; I have to say my favorite thing just might be going outside on the back porch with my dog Leo, a tall glass of peach iced tea, and a book to read in the summer heat.  

I finished How Does It Feel To Be A Problem when I left Brooklyn,  I still have to return it to the library.  Excellent, shocking, interesting book, a must read, for sure.  Then I read this:


All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by Janelle Brown.  The critic quotes on the back cover of this book promise it will be a delicious summer read that you can’t put down, but it really wasn’t.  It started off okay but quickly fell into over-used, un-interesting stereotypes.   It’s about a wealthy family in Silicone Valley who get divorced.  I thought it was going to be like the movie American Beauty, about a “perfect” family who has everything but ends up falling apart, but no.  Nothing interesting going here. 

Then I read this:


Dear American Airlines by Jonathan Miles.  I actually bought this book in Grand Central Terminal when I had a long train ride ahead of me with nothing to read.  But I’m glad I did, I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  I wasn’t expecting much; just a letter from a guy who’s flight is cancelled, being all pissed off that he’s missing his estranged daughter’s wedding.  But it is so much more than that, it has a lot of substance and depth to it.  It was sad, reflective and pensive and also hysterically funny.  There is a bittersweet overtone to the book as the narrator struggles to come to terms with some big live changes ahead of him that I can really relate to right now.  There were so many good quotes that I loved from this book that I wanted to type out here, but it is late and I’m tired.  So sorry about that.  Just read it for yourselves. 

Then I read this:

new yorkers

 The New Yorkers, by Cathleen Schine.  Sad to say, but that adorable pit bull on the cover is the most interesting thing about this book.  It is a novel about some dog owners who live on a seemingly perfect block on the Upper West Side near Central Park.  This book is just fluff.  It’s not even interesting fluff, or funny fluff, or romantic fluff; it is just fluff, it is nothing.  Predictable from the first chapter.  Loved the dogs in this book though, they were my favorite characters. 

Now I’m reading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, which is good but off to a slow start.  I have to finish it before I leave for Michigan next week.  I’m going to Philadelphia with Manny for the weekend tomorrow.  My last weekend in New York and I’m spending it in Philly.  It will be nice to spend one last weekend together before there are 600 miles in between us.  (I looked it up on Google maps.)

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