Bullet points instead of sentences

I’ve been having a crappy week.  When I’m feeling crappy, it helps me l to make a list of things that I enjoy. Here are things I like about Michigan:
  • the fall.  The midwest has the best foliage I’ve ever seen.  This is what my block looked like 2 weeks ago:


  • Abundance of amazing coffee places.  My favorite is Mighty Good
  • The speed limit on the highways is 70 mph (as opposed to 55 mph in NYC).  Yay for speeding!
  • I can drive and talk my cell phone at the same time.  Somehow this seems less dangerous than driving while talking on my cell while looking out for cops.
  • the local Greek chain restaurants/take out places called Coney Islands
  • the weather.  I know I won’t be saying this in a few months, but the weather here is just beautiful.

Also, there’s this neat website called Futurity that publishes reports on research studies going on at universities around the country.  The other day they had a story confirming what I already suspected:  Does Mother Nature Teach Us Kindness? Are you also having a crappy week?  Go for a walk in the park, you will feel better.



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