Ticker tape

In 1996 the Yankees won the World Series.  It was a big deal, because they were pretty bad in the 80’s, and they had not won the World Series since 1978.  I was in 6th grade in 1996, and the Yankees were hot, literally.  Every girl in my school was in love with Derek Jeter.  Everyone claimed that their older sister was actually dating him.

Since 1996, the Yankees have won many more World Series.  But I remember ’96, because that year, my dad let me and my siblings cut school (my mom DID NOT approve) and we went into city with my uncles and cousins to see the Yankee’s ticker tape parade.  Which is interesting now that I think about it, because my dad is a Met’s fan.

The first ticker tape parade happened on Broadway in lower Manhattan in 1886 after the dedication of the Statue of Liberty.  Ticker tape, which was once used on Wall Street to print out stock quotes, was thrown out of the office buildings that lined Broadway, like confetti in celebration.  Since then, the city holds ticker tape parades on lower Broadway (that section of Broadway is now called the Canyon of Heros) for teams that win championships and astronauts coming back from important missions.  Paper shreddings, entire sheets of paper, and the occasional roll of toilet paper are now used instead of ticker tape.

Let’s take a minute to acknowledge the sanitation guys and gals that have to clean up the massive mess of paper afterwards.  Because that’s a tough job.

Ok, so going to a ticker tape parade is really freaking cool.  It snows confetti.  See?



I took these pictures from my office window last year during the Giant’s Superbowl victory ticker tape parade.  My office building faced Broadway and we had a bird’s eye view of the whole thing.  That was a fun day – spending the morning dumping the contents of our shredders out the windows.  I’m jealous of my coworkers who get to watch the Yankee’s parade today.  The Giants victory was cool, but New York is really a baseball town.


I love the graceful arch this roll of toilet paper made in the air, almost like a TP rainbow over the city.  Way to make your city proud, Yanks.

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