How to do Nablopomo?

So what to do your write about for Nablopomo?  Should I have themed posts to make it easier to post something everyday?  Should I write about my favorite memories?  My childhood?  Should I fill out those memes about myself? How do people do it?  I’m currently looking through other blogs for inspiration, because I really don’t want to spend the rest of November writing about how much I miss home; and I can’t write about my day because I’m a student now and I spend all day in class.

Want to know what I did yesterday?  I woke up early to try and get some homework done, but was not successful. Then I went to my biostatistics lab, then I went to work at the bird library, then got some Indian takeout for dinner. Then I went to my friend’s house where we did biostats homework until 11pm.  After spending 4+ hours on homework, we met some friends at a German pub called Heidelberg and enjoyed a much-needed beer.  Then I went home and passed out.  Today is pretty much going to be a repeat of yesterday – do homework all day, maybe have a drink, sleep.  Oh the life of a grad student is so glamorous and exciting.


One Response to “How to do Nablopomo?”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Memes get boring, unless you can make them interesting. I like the idea of writing down your memories. I love doing that.

    I’m struggling to do it this year. It’s so hard with a kiddo. I’m so zonked by the end of the day.

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