long day

Almost missed a day for Nablopomo.  I am so tired today, had class from 8am to 7:30pm.  Had a TJ’s frozen tamale for dinner, but was still hungry so heated up some refried beans and cheddar cheese on a tortilla.  My dinner was so gourmet.  I went to a friend’s house to watch Glee because my brain was too fried to do homework.

I had a 3 hour break in between my classes so I went to see Kenneth Cole give a lecture at my school.  You might be thinking: Kenneth Cole lecturing at a public health school, why?  Because the man started a high profile AIDs awareness campaign in the mid 80’s when everyone else was too afraid to mention AIDs.  Now his company is famous for its social commentary ads; one liners that play on words and puns.  So he came to speak about using your company as a platform to address health disparities and social inequalities.  Dude is really funny.  He thinks of all the slogans himself.  He’s got this subtle New York accent, and it was so nice listening to someone speak my native language.  I was going to find some images of his ads to put in the post but you know what?  I just need some sleep.  But check out his blog: Awearness.  See the play on words there?  So clever, that Kenneth Cole.

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