Study break

I have a million and one things to do today.  By that I mean I have lots of homework.  Including memorizing the names of all these different types of aerosol samplers.  Why are there so many!?  And why do they need to have such long-ass complicated names.  My favorite names are the “midget impinger” and the “denuder.”  Because I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old.  You can bet those are the only names I’ll remember for the exam.  Also? The winner for the best disease name is: bagassosis, a lung disease caused from exposure to bagasse (pronounced “bag-ass) which are the fibers from the sugarcane stalk.  Obviously I’ll remember that one as well.

Back to the books …

One Response to “Study break”

  1. Leslie Says:

    I still laugh hysterically at jokes like “bend over and spell ‘run’.” 🙂

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