Busiest Week Ever, Day 1

So I don’t have time to blog this week, so I’m just going make my posts into my to-do lists:

  • Class (missed my 8am class due to sleep deprivation, but made it to my 10am class)
  • view a house with roommates for next year (this house was gorgeous.  It had a brand new kitchen with a fiver-burner stove and closets the size of my apartment in Brooklyn)
  • Work till 5pm
  • Grab dinner from super fast, super delicious, super cheap falafel place
  • Go to library to finish problem set and begin outlining lecture notes for chemical hazards exam
  • Go home, read at least two chapters in textbook for chem hazards
  • Prepare notecards for presentation tomorrow
  • Compare problem set answers with Nicole, make necessary changes to final draft
  • Get at least 5 hours of sleep

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