Busiest Week Ever, Day 3

  • 8am biostats exam (this went OK.  Except that there was this one huge formula that I forgot study.  Because it was not on the review outline for the exam, or in any of the lab assignments, but it WAS in the homework; but I didn’t study the homework problems as much as the exam review outline and lab assignments.  So OF COURSE there’s this 7-point question on this ONE formula that I forgot.  Of course. Ugh)
  • Finish ventilation hood design proposal
  • Make decent attempt at ventilation homework
  • Break for lunch
  • Study for chem hazards, especially problem set calculations
  • Break for dinner
  • Print out ventilation assignments
  • Ventilation class until 8pm
  • Study for chem hazards until I pass out

Gotta keep going, this week is almost over.

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