Busiest Week Ever, day 4

It doesn’t matter what I have to do today because: I AM DONE!

I just finished my chemical hazards exam.  Which means I’m done with all school work until after Thanksgiving break.  What a crazy week, I was auto-pilot all week.  Now I can finally let go and relax.  And catch up on normal things, like sleep, laundry, eating, cleaning my room, paying bills, etc.

Not only did I finish all my shit today, but I also decided on a place to live for next year.  A sweet, beautifully restored and renovated old house on the edge of town with some of the friends I from school.  It is near the football stadium, which means it will be busy during home games, and its a far walk from downtown.  But it is in a quiet, residential, non-student neighborhood and I love it.  It has brand new everything but also has charming old details, like a pass-through window, crown molding and built in cabinets and shelves.  And it is so cheap.  I know that when I graduate I’m going back to NYC and once again pay too much money for cramped apartments, so might as well live it up here in Michigan while I can!

Now I’m either going out for a celebratory drink with classmates; or get in my pj’s, watch Glee, eat some Newman-O’s, and pass out.

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