1 more day!

I can’t wait until I’m home so I can just stuff my face with turkey, mash potatoes, and stuffing. Oh the stuffing!  My dad’s stuffing is legendary.  He starts making it two days before Thanksgiving.  He won’t tell anyone his recipe.  Last year he gave me all the leftover stuffing to take back to home to Brooklyn.  When my sister found out there was no leftover stuffing for her, she THREW A FIT.  She had a full blown meltdown, like a toddler has at the grocery store when they want cookies but their mom won’t buy them cookies.  I actually think I offered to giver her some of my leftovers, but she wasn’t hearing any of it.  She wanted HER. OWN. STUFFING.  It was hysterical.

So I have this biostats homework that I had two weeks to finish.  But because of the crazy amount of other work I had to accomplish this past week, I just never did it.  And now I have do it all tonight, because the assignment is due tomorrow.

I’m registering for classes tomorrow, and I have to take 9 classes.  Nine classes in one semester!  I’m hoping this must be some sort of mistake.  How am going to have time during the day for my work study job, let alone have time to eat lunch?  I better get my ass in gear and work on my time management skills or else I will not make it through next semester.

Now, on to that biostats homework . . .

One Response to “1 more day!”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Nine classes?! I just rolled over and died on your behalf.

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