Nablopomo fails, November wins

Obviously I’ve failed my first Nablopomo attempt.  Blogging everyday was harder than I thought it would be; plus it made me really sick of myself.  But it so happened that November turned out to be a pretty big turning point for me in many ways.

It was during this month that I really started making friends with my classmates and hanging out with people on weekends instead of sitting in my bedroom alone watching Netflix movies.  Being more friendly with people really helped ease my home-sickness.  I feel like this was the month that I really settled into school and into life in Michigan.  M and I starting dating during our freshman year in college.  Which means that apart from my first semester of undergrad, I never really was on my own before.  And now I am.  I struggled a lot my first few weeks here, but I think I finally turned a corner and now I feel somewhat comfortable.  I’m trying to relax more and enjoy the independence I have here and enjoy the smart, amazing people I meet through school.

In my first Nablopomo post I wrote about how I was struggling to fit in with midwesterners.  Well, I solved that problem by making friends with people who are not from the midwest.  I didn’t do it on purpose, it just turned out that way.  Also, I am more comfortable with playing the part of the New Yorker.  I can turn up my accent and answer everyone’s questions about the city.  I tell them where the best pizza is, where all the cool non-touristy stuff is, I answer their questions about the subway and shoot down their crazy fantasy ideas of the city.  Back home I’m always the quiet one in the group.  But here, I’m the loud talkative New Yorker.  I’ve come to accept this.

I’m also finally getting used to doing school work.  I’ve made great efforts to manage my time better and focus on studyin this past month.  I sort of had to, what with the crazy amount of tests and projects I had due in November.  I still have a long way to go, though.  Thanksgiving break threw off my study schedule and final exams start in only 2 short weeks. (!) So I have to get my ass back on track.

Oh, and my idea of writing out family stories for Nablopomo also didn’t happen.  But, my parents came back from their trip to Ireland last with wonderful stories about my great-grandmother’s life, pictures of the house where she grew up, the schoolhouse where she went to school, and pictures of our relatives who still live in Ireland.  But I’ll have to save that for another post, because I really need to start my homework.

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