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Anything to keep from packing…

May 2, 2010

Hello old blog!  I’m happy to report that I have survived this crazy semester and successfully completed my first year of grad school.

There’s so many things.  I’m leaving Michigan for home on Tuesday.  But before then, my roommates and I are taking a jaunt out to the western side of the state to the shore of Lake Michigan for two days.  I finally get to see the one of the great lakes!  And explore rural Michigan.  I hear there’s blueberry fields, mountainous sand dunes, boardwalks on the lake, and tulip festivals out there to discover.

A few days ago the weather was perfect, and I spent all morning walking in the woods along the Border to Border trail.  I wanted a way to say goodbye and thanks to a place that has been so kind to me.  I wanted to show gratitude for my surroundings, and to the place that has brought me comfort when I was at my lowest points.  In late August when I first moved here and did not know a soul, I spent my days there walking and thinking and getting to know my new surroundings.  I had never felt so alone in my life, but I found solace when I was  walking the trail along the river.

I continued to walk there throughout the school year.  In autumn I walked among the trees as they glowed orange and red and wet leaves blanketed the trail.  During the first real snow fall in December, right before I left for Christmas break, I walked through the trail and could actually hear the muffled sound of the snow as it drifted down over the woods.  On some of the coldest days of winter, the river was frozen solid and everything was silent as I walked the trail wearing 4 layers of clothing to shield myself from the frozen wind.  In early spring the snow retreated and I navigated around giant mud puddles and everything was brown and naked. Now, it is prime spring time and everything is blooming, greening, sprouting, growing, opening. Before I started my walk, I sat on a bench at the beginning of the trail, sipping coffee, listening to blackbirds call back and forth from one side of the river to the other, and everything was perfect.

Its been amazing to experience the seasons here.  In New York seasons seem so fleeting and subtle; they meld into one another gradually.  But there the seasons are intense and showy, they are extreme and exaggerated.  It’s quite a show to watch everything change so drastically.