Annual 9/11 Post, 12 days later

Hello there.  I thought about writing something on 9/11 like I always do, but then I just didn’t get around to it (obviously).  I also sort of didn’t want to add anything else to the 9/11 10th anniversary media saturation.

But for reasons completely unrelated to 9/11, I happened to find myself driving through lower Manhattan the night of September 10th, the day before the 10th anniversary.  Our car passed through the Holland Tunnel in unprecedented time and looped around to the West Side Highway.  There was no traffic; we didn’t see a single person walking around the streets.  Right before we turned on to the highway, we were pulled over in a police traffic stop.  A cop came up to the windshield, checked the registration, and blinded us with his spotlight, studying both of our faces for a few minutes.  Finally he waved us on figuring we were not likely to be a threat, just 2 white people in a tiny Mazda Zipcar.  We noticed he pulled over the enormous black Escalade with the window tints who was in line behind us.  It was silent the rest of the ride home, all we saw were police cars and all we heard were sirens echoing through the streets.  It was all very surreal.

Every year on 9/11 my parents plant something around the house, usually little shrubs or flowers.  It’s their little way of turning a dark and terrible day into something positive and nurturing.  For the 10th anniversary they planted a dogwood tree in the corner of our small front yard and named it The Henry Tree, in honor of my nephew was born this April.  (Did I tell you that? I have a nephew!)  They took of picture of Henry in his stroller next to tree, and every year on 9/11, we’ll take a picture of Henry next to the tree.  I’d love to post a picture of it but I don’t have a fancy smart phone, but trust me, it’s adorable.  I think it’s definitely the best idea ever for commemorating 9/11.

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