About the Book Mill

Since I graduated from college, all of a sudden I have all this free time to read whatever I want. So I read a lot of books – so many so fast that I don’t even keep track of them or remember them soon after they’re gone. So its time to give my books some credit.

Since I do most of my reading during my commute on the train from Brooklyn to my job in lower Manhattan, the criteria for a good book is one that makes me forget where I am. A good book makes me forget that I’m on an overcrowded, overheated subway car with people stepping on my feet, coughing in my face, or squishing me with absurdly large briefcases. A good book makes me not care that I have to wait 25 minutes for a train, or if my gets stuck behind a disabled train.  All of these events have potential to create huge amounts of stress. But if I have good book, these things don’t matter. If I am reading a good book, I can be transported from my house to the streets of lower Manhattan without even realizing it.

I’m not an English major and I’m not the best writer, but I do read a lot and want to write my thoughts about what I’m reading. What I read: a variety of fiction and non-fiction. I read a lot of history, especially the local history of New York City and surrounding areas. I read about urban planning. I read about science, public health, and nutrition. I also read about learning Spanish, as I’ve been trying to learn the language. And sometimes, I just want to read a juicy chick-lit novel.

(The name of this blog is taken from The Book Mill, a used bookstore and cafe in an old grist mill in Montague, Massachusetts.  I used to spend a lot of time there in college.  If you find yourself in western MA, you should go there)

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