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May 21, 2008

I have been sick with some evil cold/sore throat/sinus virus for the past 5 days.  So I stayed home from work and finished reading Grayson and started A Gift from the Sea, two of the books my mother gave me for my birthday.  Grayson is a memoir of open water swimmer Lynne  Cox.  During her swimming exercises, Lynne finds a lost baby gray whale who was separated from his mother off the coast of Seal Beach California.  Lynne and the gray whale, Grayson, swim together looking for his mother.  A really nice story with a happy ending, but had a lot of unnecessary writing and wordy descriptions.  This book would have worked better as a children’s story with pictures, because Lynne also swims with tuna, common dolphins, green sea turtles, giant sunfish, pacific white sided dolphins and bat rays.  Those illustrations could be so neat in a children’s book. 

I just started reading Gift From The Sea this morning.  So far I’m not really digging it.  My mom is a fan of self help/inspirational books, but myself – not so much.  But apparently its a classic (its the 50th anniversary edition) so I’ll give it a chance. 

I’ve been looking through other book blogs on wordpress and blogspot and found the Ravenous Reader to be really well-written and thought provoking.  The Ravenous Reader asked,

Are we drawn to the books we need to read?  Have I been shunning my favorite mysteries and biographies in favor of novels about motherhood and family relationships?  Is my subconscious mind attracting me toward books that might reveal some insight I need to hear?

Interesting questions.  I’ve never really viewed in reading like this.  I think that I read mostly to learn.   One summer during college I was spending a lot of time with some radical anarchists and I was disillusioned with the whole U.S. mainstream system and plowed through Howard Zinn’s A People’s History in a few days.  My boyfriend is Mexican and I am not, so I find myself interested in a lot of Latin American literature and history, in an effort to learn about a culture that I know little about.  Books I read reflect my interests and issues that are important to me: public health, nature, environment, urban planning, history, etc.  But is my subconscious mind attracting me towards books that will reveal something I need to hear?  I’m not sure.  I think my conscious and subconscious mind are on the same page most of the time.   I know that avoid certain books on heavy subjects when I’m not in the mood.  For example, I cannot read Invisible Man after reading James Baldwin.  I have to read some chick lit after reading In Cold Blood.  I need to have a balance in what I read.  When sucky things are happening I want to read fun entertaining books.  When my grandmother died in November, I didn’t want to read at all. 

These two books that my mother gave me I would have never picked myself.  I know I would never read them if she had not given them to me.  Will they reveal something to me, something I would not have realized if she didn’t pick them for me?  We’ll see.