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Bridge of Sighs

October 1, 2008

I’ve been immersed in Richard Russo’s Bridge of Sighs.  It is my favorite kind of book, the kind of book you can get lost in, when you read it you completely forget where you are or what you’re supposed to be doing.  Luckily I often come to my senses just as the subway pulls into my stop.  I snap back into reality, get off the train and walk up the stairs into the morning daylight and head to work.  I look forward to my commute, when I can finally escape the stress and anxiety that is my job right now, find myself a nice seat on the train (the only good thing about the local train is you always get a seat)  and read alone in peace for 50 minutes.  Ah, it is heaven.  I’m nearing the end of the novel and I’m trying to read it slowly, not wanting the story to come to its conclusion, which I fear, won’t be a happy one. 

This book kept me company during some lonely times these past few weeks.  I had to find a home for Oliver, which was harder than I thought.  Seems like lots of people talk about wanting a cat, but when it comes down to actually taking one home, they change their minds.  Finally, I convinced my co-worker, our resident cat lady, to take him because obviously 4 cats is not enough for her and surely she’d like one more.  Once she saw the picture of him, she was a goner.  She tells me that he’s adjusting well, is making friends with her other cats, is being spoiled by her kids, and gets himself into trouble, including falling into a tray of white paint and knocking over a 2 liter bottle of soda.  The first few days after he left were hard, I missed him more than I expected.  I’ve had pets since the 2nd grade so its hard to be without one now.  But I had Bridge of Sighs to distract me and keep me company.  Once Oliver left, I had to wash everything I own to destroy the cat dander so that Manny could come over without experiencing another life threatening asthma attack.  Bridge of Sighs kept me company at the laundry mat, where I must have spent 20 dollars in quarters in 3 nights, washing everything that had potentially come in contact with the cat. 

I also, I’m not going to lie, the fact that my favorite TV show of all time is on DVD helped too.

I love The Nanny and Fran Drescher.  I am not ashamed. 


Then I went to the 3rd to last Yankee game at Yankee Stadium.  Here’s where it offically changed from 3 to 2 games remaining. 


 Best seat in the house?  The bleachers, of course.



So I’m slowly finishing Bridge of Sighs and slowly coming out of my lonely funk and back to reality.  This weekend, my entire family makes our yearly pilgrimage to the World’s Largest Garage Sale, which we refer to lovingly  as the Crap Fair.  I haven’t been there since high schoool, because I went away to college.  The last time I went to the Crap Fair, I found a Tori Amos bootleg from a 1996 concert and felt so cool.  Oh let’s face it, if I found another Tori bootleg this year, I would still feel cool.