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A Short History of Nearly Everything

August 8, 2008

So I have finally finished A Short History of Nearly Everything.  It took me over a month to finish this book, not because it wasn’t good, but because a week and a half ago, I moved out of my parents house into my own apartment in Brooklyn.  I have been wanting to move out for a long time, and of course it happened when I was not even looking for apartments.  It is true what they say that once you stop looking, you find what you need.  Anyway, it was a crazy time.  A saw an apartment and 2 days later I signed a lease and now here I am, all grown up and living by myself.  Aside from going away to college, I have never moved before.  I have learned that moving is stressful and hard and I hope I don’t have to do it often.  I’ve also never lived by myself, without another person or any pets.  I am very aware that I’m the only soul in my apartment and that freaks me out sometimes.  My coworker rescued some newborn kittens outside the prison where she works part time, so she’s raising them and in a few more weeks they will be old enough to be adopted and I might just take one.  So things are crazy and there’s a lot of emotions going through me all at once, but overall I am happy, except for the fact that I miss my dog like crazy.  I think I’ll be happier when I get a kitten.  But only if it doesn’t turn out evil like all the cats I had when I was growing up.

So through all this turmoil I’ve been chugging through Bryson’s book.  It is a really enjoyable read but I’m happy that its finally over.  Bryson is not the most thorough science writer, this book is definitely not supposed to be scholarly or academic, but its really freaking funny and it taught me a lot.  I don’t know what I’m going to read next but it is definitely going to be fiction.  I want to post some of my favorite quotes but I don’t have the internet at my apartment yet.

Speaking of things I don’t have, I don’t have cable.  This would be fine except for the fact that I will be missing my most favorite TV program in the entire world, the Olympics.  I cannot even begin to express how much I love the Olympics and all of the wonderful melodrama that comes with it.  All of those personal stories of triumph and tragedy, the world record breakers, the photo finishes, the upset victories, I am a total sucker for all of it.  But cable TV is expensive in the city, and because there’s only one cable provider in my neighborhood, they are apparently free to jack up the prices as much as they want because we consumers don’t have a choice.  Sounds fair, right?  So because I had buy furniture and food and other necessities, cable won’t be arriving at my house for a few months.  The Olympics start today I’m totally crying on the inside.

Bless Me, Ultima

January 30, 2008

Since I wrote my last post about moving out and the amazing apartment in Brooklyn, all of my plans have fallen to pieces. Nothing worked out how I anticipated, everything became one big mess. And I’m afraid that nothing will be the same between me and my (former) perspective roommate, who also is (maybe was?) one of my closests friends. We have not spoken since the fall-out of our plans and I feel awful but at the same time proud of myself for making a decision that was best for me, not everyone else around me. However, as of today I still have no apartment and no roommate.

Through all this drama I have been reading Bless Me, Ultima and this book was completely captivating. I wanted to read it because it is one the boyfriend’s favorite books and I wanted to read something that was important to him. I think this book is an example of magical realism, where things like witches, curses, forces of evil, spells, shamans and miracles are just a part of everyday life. This book asks questions that I have held to myself since childhood (for reference, I grew up in a strict Irish-Catholic family). If God is supposed to be all loving and forgiving, why is there still so much suffering and evil in the world? The main character, a seven year old by named Antonio, spends a great deal of time thinking about religion and the conflicts between native pagan Gods, the Catholic God, and the saints. How come a pagan healing ritual cured his sick uncle when prayers by the priest to the Catholic God failed? How come his mother prays to the Virgin of Guadalupe instead of to God? How can you believe in just one God if there are so many other forces at work?
I had strange dreams while reading this book. This book is mysterious and has many secrets. It asks questions but does not fully answer them. Ultima seems to know the answers to everything but we don’t know why and we never get to know all that she knows. This story took my mind off all that was happening in my life and helped me not to take everything so seriously. So my plans to move fell through but I am lucky I have other options available to me and I can continue living at home if I need to. There is so much more to life than what we preceive.

3 day weekends

January 18, 2008

I cannot do any work because I’m too excited about the possibility of moving out. Last night my potential roommate and I saw an amazing, renovated, beautiful apartment, with a dishwasher (!) in one of my favorite areas of Brooklyn. Problem was it was 3 bedrooms (with 2 bathrooms) so we have been asking everyone we know if they or their friends want to move in. Because with 3 people, the rent per person would be comfortable below our original budget.

I actually have exciting plans for my 3 day weekend and what to share them with you. Because most of the time my own plan for the weekend is sleep

  • Tonight – dinner with my friends from high school who are meeting Manny for the first time, which is a pretty big deal since they have been waiting to meet him for 5 years
  • Saturday – maybe working some overtime hours to help finance possible upcoming move, then maybe seeing some more apartments then maybe seeing my long lost friend Ada
  • Sunday – attending this panel discussion “Embracing the Radical King” hosted by NPR on MLK, Jr at the Brooklyn Museum

I’m almost finished Breaking Out of Beginner Spanish and it’s definitely one of the most interesting Spanish books I’ve ever read. Even though I’m still a beginner and do not not need to be breaking out anytime soon, still a very useful read and I’ll probably read it again once I’m ready to break out of the beginner stage. This book is actually laugh-out-loud funny. I cannot stop myself from laughing sometimes on the train, and people look over to see what book I’m book I’m reading. They always give me raised-eyebrow strange look when they see it’s just a Spanish book. More thoughts on it later.