Alien Squid!

I finished reading Revolutionary Road on the train this morning, thanks to some police action at Prince Street, which kept my train stopped in between stations for 20 minutes, allowing me to read the conclusion of the novel.  I’ll write about the book soon.  But in the meantime, I’d like to share with you pictures of the weirdest animal I’ve ever seen, the elbowed squid:



Watch a video of the squid here

One Response to “Alien Squid!”

  1. Rob Lenihan Says:

    Too bad Mulder and Scully aren’t around–that thing looks like an X file.

    If you were riding the R train, I think I was in the train behind yours.

    The conductor made an announcement about a “police action at Prince Street” and said the train was going express.

    Maybe an elbowed squid jumped the turnstile.

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